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"A Sensical Society" is where I try to make sense of things, as noted in my My "Make Sense" Journal, which is always a work-in-progress My goal is to work through some tough issues, as well as to offer some "sensical" alternatives to our all-too-often "nonsensical" world.  For too long, we've been told to 'make money', not sense.  And too often, we’ve stopped thinking for ourselves and working together.  Instead, we have trusted in authorities and institutions to advise and guide us. As a result, we have undermined our own personal, local, and national integrity. We need to change that.

A Sensical Society needs to make sense for the common good, not the wealthy few.  It's a society that works and plays together, recognizes that life has both its charms and its challenges, and tries to prepare us for anything that may come our way.

Core Principles Of A Sensical Society?

-  Make sense for the common good
-  Start or join neighborhood networks
-  Be as locally self-reliant as possible
-  Protect public health & the environment
-  Engage in government affairs at all levels
-  Cooperate with other nations for the benefit of all

"Making sense" is a movement and I encourage everyone to do What You Can Do to join it - to improve our world and help others. Life is an endless learning process in which we must wisely and actively engage if we are to live in a happy and healthy, robust and resilient society. And although one person can make a world of difference, it's more effective and fun if we all did our part through Neighborhood Networks, civic affairs, and government involvement to Make Sense for a Sensical Society

You are invited to email me if you would like to join in on our occasional zoom conversations and/or with any comments or questions you may have. Thank you for visiting.

Lynn Landes, Publisher

Philadelphia, PA

(updated Mar 23, 2024)

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