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Get Sensical!

with The Sensical Society



WELCOME to The Sensical Society!  We're a 'scout-like' group for thoughtful adults, promoting a non-nonsensical approach to life... with a sense of humor, while not ignoring the deadly seriousness of life on planet Earth as-we-know-it. 

Our aim is to encourage well-rounded, prepared, and sensical citizens. Our goal is to help ourselves, society, and the planet 'survive and thrive'.  What could be more 'sensical' than that? 

Basically, we encourage 1) critical thinking, 2) civil discussion, 3) civic involvement, 4) personal improvement, and 5) having fun.  We actively promote local self-reliance, DIY, emergency preparedness, good health, survival skills, plus teaching all kinds of 'skills in schools' to kids who are all-too-often bored out-of-their-minds!

Why do we need The Sensical Society?  Because we always need to question what-the-heck is going on, personally and politically. Too much crazy stuff happens and too many people have nowhere to go to discuss it, to think critically about personal and societal challenges, or to hear diverse opinions and possible solutions. 

Who wants to be dazed, confused, and alone?  So, we're into sharing news and views, but we don't have to agree on everything. 

The Scouts' motto 'Be Prepared' is great, but we prefer, "Get Sensical."  And although the Scouts traditionally pledged loyalty and obedience, we're more into asking questions and making sense. We're also not into badges YET, but we are into CHECKLISTS! 

In addition, we highly recommend that our members create their own personal NOTEBOOK, in which they can document their own story, knowledge, opinions, jokes, and any  information that they would like to keep on hand for themselves or to share with others. Why let big institutions dominate the news & information sharing? Let your voice be heard!  You can organize your NOTEBOOK by topic, like our Zoom meetings are organized.

MEETUPS:  We host 2 meetups a month > 1 in-person (2 hours) usually at a Philly park, and 1 zoom call (1+ hour).  For practical purposes, the in-person meetups will be mostly plant walks & 'skills shares', and the Zoom calls will be mostly news & discussion.  For Zoom calls, we will start out with our Monthly Topic, so that we're not always discussing the same thing, but afterward, we have open discussion on any topic members want to discuss. 

PARTICIPATION is critical for our success.  If you do not attend any meetings for 4 months running, then you will be removed from the group, unless you come up with a really good explanation, like you were held captive by aliens from another planet. 

  • Our motto: "Get Sensical!" or "Use Your Head!"

  • Our slogan: "Think Twice & Be Nice...unless you're defending yourself against a vicious attack"

  • Our pledge: "Iíll do my best to be Clean and Neat, Helpful and Courteous, Thoughtful and Wise, Alive and Breathing."

  • Our bird: The Wild Turkey for whom Benjamin Franklin had a fondness.

  • Our plant: Palmer Amaranth, a wild, noble, and extremely nutritious, otherwise known as 'PIGWEED' by the chemical giant Monsanto/Bayer.

  • Our medicinal plant: Plantain is another wild edible yardweed & the world's most abundant antibiotic, great for wounds big and small, externally and internally!

  • Our bee is the Honey Bee without whom we don't get our fruits and honey.

  • Our caterpillar is the Spicebush Swallowtail because it's the cutest thing ever!

Thank you for visiting and hope to see you at our next MEETUP


Lynn Landes, Founder
 Philadelphia, PA   

P.S. The Sensical Society is not aligned with any political party, religion, ideology, or mindset.