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Lynn Landes

Founder of The Sensical Society





 Philadelphia, PA

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A happy, healthy, and fulfilling life MAKES SENSE.  It’s what most of us want.  But in order to have that kind of life, it can’t be for just some of us.  It’s got to be for all of us. Because we’re all connected. Trite, but true. What happens to one of us - affects the rest of us. 

Which is why I've created The Sensical Society. It's a concept on how we can make life better for everyone, based on critical thinking and 'making sense' as individuals and as a society.

Right now, we're living in a world based on 'making money', not sense... on hoarding power, not sharing it. As a result, life on Planet Earth has become one nonsensical ‘hot mess’. 

But, take heart. Do not despair. This is what life is all about. It is meant to challenge us.  It’s an evolutionary process that runs throughout our many lifetimes, and will make us better people in the long run.

Yes, I believe in reincarnation. But even if you don't, making sensical decisions for ourselves and society is a worthy goal under any circumstance.  We may not always get it right, but we should always keep trying.  After all, we are all connected.


  1. Do what makes sense
  2. Get a 'Can Do' attitude
  3. Conduct your research
  4. Listen & ask questions
  5. Make your own decisions
  6. Do NOT trust those in authority
  7. Become as self-reliant as possible
  8. Join with others to protect people & the planet!

Around the globe, some of the elite are trying to divide us against each other - socially, racially, culturally, economically, medicinally, and politically. However, as the downside of divisiveness becomes increasingly apparent, those divisions won't last.

People are not a monolith. They believe in all kinds different things and will change their minds due to all kinds of circumstances. Note that political 'independents' are the largest political group in the U.S., with 40% of the electorate. Independents are more interested in issues than party loyalty. And that makes sense. 

That's why I'm promoting the concept of a SensicalSociety, where we promote 'critical (i.e., sensical) thinking', address a wide range of specific issues, but not hold it against each other when we disagree.

You may agree or not with my positions and advice below, but it is my effort to make sense of all the issues swirling around us. The list keeps growing as I keep expanding and refining my positions. I want to share with others my views and, hopefully, that will get them sharing their's with me and others. And that way we help educate each other.

I plan on publishing a small book based on what I believe, but I also strongly urge everyone to write a personal (My Life & Thoughts) journal for your own use, to share with others, and hand down for future generations.  

We all need to take back our power from the large institutions that have had such a monopoly on news, opinions, and education. In your journal, you can document important information, have fun, tell a few jokes, share your wisdom, and in that way...help others.  

Holding Sensical Society meetings in towns across the country and around the world would be a great idea. Lots of people need encouragement just thinking for themselves. I can help with some ideas on how to organize, but it’s up to you to take action.  

Remember, we’re all a part of the Family of Man.  And we must all do our part for a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life! 

Lynn Landes

PS  Stay tuned for more developments. And for more specifics, keep scrolling down...

Some Suggestions For A "Sensical Society":


1.   Lay A Good Foundation For Yourself, First:  Adopt a “Family of Man” philosophy for a happy, healthy, and civil society, one in which we take care of each other, no one gets left behind, but no one gets a free ride, either. Then, get personally organized. You can't help others if your life is a train wreck. Make lists for daily, short term, and long term goals. Adopt a “Can Do!” attitude. Keep the atmosphere around yourself uplifting. Practice the “Make Sense Thought Process” - think for yourself, do your research, ask questions, listen to others but don't blindly trust them, take a position, then do something about it! And keep an open mind, because the road of life is full of twists and turns.

2.   Get Healthy - Stop Poisoning Yourself & The Planet: If you're not feeling well, you can't think straight. Remember, your skin is your largest organ, therefore, don't put on your body what you wouldn't put in your mouth!  So, go wild, organic, and as natural as possible. Learn about wild plants for food, fiber, medicines, shelter, and even for bioremediation of water. (WildFoodies.org) Nature provides lots of free stuff, like Plantain (Plantago) a fantastic medicinal herb (weed) that has loads of benefits and grows everywhere!  Grow your own food and make as much of your own stuff as you can. Don't trust processed food and most commercial products, including most medicines & all vaccines, because many are tainted with toxic ingredients. Also, modify rules for sports & physical activities that are clearly unhealthy and cause unnecessary injuries, like hitting a ball with your head in soccer! Lastly, public health care, including dental work, should be free, but with a private option. It's simply inhumane to deny children and adults health care, or attach a cost to it that would discourage use.

Regarding COVID, it's a complete debacle. Go to HealthAlertPhilly.org.

3.   Self-Reliance and Protectionism Are Key:  Congress (including both political parties) off-shored our businesses and industry, and now we need to take them back. Individually, locally, and nationally, we need to be as self-reliant as we can possibly be for food, clothing, shelter, health care, education, information, defense, etc..  We can't be a free people if we are dependent on others for the necessities of life. We need to protect the public, our local businesses and industries, our professionals and skilled craftspeople, our farms and open spaces, our schools and public utilities, our environment, and our constitutional rights.

4.   Transparent Voting –  For Candidates & Issues:  Today, our elections have NO integrity. Our elections must be ‘completely transparent’, so that we know who really wins any election. And that means state IDs, paper ballots, and hand counts at the local polls on Election Day…no voting machines, mail-in ballots, ballot harvesting, drop boxes, or other nontransparent voting methods. For the disabled who can’t make it to the polls, official and LOCAL ‘roving election teams’ made up of 1 poll worker and 2 poll watchers can visit voters and return their ballots to the LOCAL polling station to be counted. We don't want ballots counted at Central Counting facilities, only tallies. We also need to vote on the issues that affect our lives, not just vote for the candidates. For too long, politicians have ignored the public will.  In that same vein, we need to strip the party leaders of their power. Our political representatives should be allowed to vote on individual issues and not on "package legislation" that forces them to vote for things that they and their constituents are against. Protocols ForDemocracy

5.   Free Speech Social media and news organizations should not be able to censor free speech. In addition, every news and opinion piece should have an online "comment section" for people to comment... using their real names to discourage trolls and undue rudeness.  Likewise, every elected government official and government department should have a place online for public comments that we can all read, which will also make public officials more accountable, hopefully. We should not have to subscribe to a paper or join private social media to be able to publicly ask questions or make comments. In addition, every city council meeting should set aside time for the public to make a 3-minute comment on any topic they choose.

6.   News & Entertainment – Should be subscriber-based only, not advertiser-based and corporate-sponsored, which corrupts the end product. Most importantly, no government agency (or gov't contractor) should be allowed under law to invest in news or the Arts, as the CIA and other federal government agencies still do in an endless effort to control public opinion. Lastly, we should all be searching for alternative sources of information, rather than rely on the mainstream media which appears to be under the control of an elite few. (Suggested list coming)

7.   Protection - Military,  Universal Service, & Local Militias  Our endless wars overseas since the 1950's are a real cause for national shame, and we should pause every Memorial Day to remember those who got us into those catastrophic wars that cost millions of lives. That said, every young adult should contribute to society in one way or another, either through the military or universal service. That is not to say that we would send women to war, but we should all be trained in the basics of defense. A ‘voluntary’ military disconnects citizens from their nation’s foreign policy and domestic defense, and denies the military access to society’s best and brightest. Citizens should also organize themselves into local volunteer militias for protection against foreign, federal, state, or local tyranny. Example: Many of us may need protection against forced vaccinations.

8.   Education – Learning should be a family affair and organized process: There should be free access, online and physically, to public educational materials so that the public can critique what students are learning, and so that parents & guardians can help their children with their studies. Our schools also need parents and cameras in the classrooms. We simply cannot trust teachers or school boards. Children should also be taught lots of skills, such as: Wild Crafting, Survival Skills, The Fiber Arts, Wood Working, Machine Shop, Computers, and even manners, so that they can be productive and civil members of society. Home-schooling should be a last resort, as children need socialization and society needs our public schools to succeed. Perhaps, parent/teacher co-ops could also be an affordable alternative.

9.  Money – Can’t Live With It, Can’t Live Without It. It is easy to see where money can be viewed as the source of all evil. Frankly, it would be a good idea to minimize its use and use other methods to conduct commerce, like barter, etc.. That said, in a market economy you need fair rules and honest referees. And very critically, we need to enforce our Anti-Trust laws. Democracy can't prevail when a few people have most of the money.  We need to do away with chain businesses that have bankrupted local businesses around the world. We also need a caps on personal and corporate wealth, the size of corporations, interest rates, and personal debt. Federal Reserve and Wall Street are bankrupting the country through reckless loans, derivatives, and other funny-money schemes. It's time to end the privately controlled Federal Reserve, which is unconstitutional. And no tax shelters for non-profits. It's a big scam. We need to support Main Street, not Wall Street. And, every citizen should be entitled to a job, although that job may not be where and what a person may want.

10. Free Stuff - Some stuff should be free. Free public education (Primary, Secondary, College, & Skills Training) and Health Care. Both should come with private options. We want our citizens educated and healthy. Lastly, free land should be offered to everyone, so that they can grow their own food. The land could be consolidated into community farms or gardens. Still need to work out the details on that idea.

11. Prisons or Correctional Facilities - Correctional facilities should do just that…help ‘correct’ a misguided individual. It’s society’s opportunity to get this person to be the best person they can be. Think boot camp, which means lots of training in manners, life skills, the trades, crafts, health, physical fitness, and the arts. For those who seek revenge and punishment, keep in mind that most prisoners will be released back into society. It benefits society to do the best we can for the incarcerated.

12. Local Mental Health Facilities vs Homeless On The Street - Local Mental Health Facilities should be mandatory for those who are not taking care of themselves due to mental illness. The current standard for voluntary or involuntary commitment, is restricted to those who are an 'imminent danger' to themselves or others. That sets the bar so high that few can meet it. The states started to dismantle their large state-run institutions in the 1950's with the intent of establishing local facilities, but not enough such facilities were ever built. We need to correct that ASAP.

13. National Borders - It's crazy that we're even discussing this. Who in their right mind thinks that 'open borders' is a good idea?  Do we leave our front doors open? No, not if you live in a city. It's the same idea for a country. In order to come into another country, you need to be invited. That said, the 'One World Government' types support the 'open borders' concept because it destroys national boundaries, thereby giving a small group of elites control over the entire planet and an open door to drug, sex, and human traffickers.

14. Racism - That can go both ways. Racism is always discussed as whites against everyone else. But there's lots of racism to go around from all sides. If you treat others based on the "content of their character", rather than the "color of their skin", you'll be on firm ground. Regarding taking down Confederate flags and Confederate statues, they should never have been erected to begin with. We don't see statues of Hitler and his gang in Germany, do we?  

15. Reparations - It's tempting to want reparations, but what about all the other ethnic and racial groups, as well as women, who were used as slaves, of sorts, and denied their rights and freedom?  That said, one wonders at the continued existence of historic plantations that benefitted from slave labor, some of which are still in the family in some parts of the South. These plantations should be owned by state or local authorities, or non-profits in order to benefit the black community, one would think.

16. Abortion - There is no doubt that life begins at conception. That said and for various reasons, girls and women may want an abortion anyway. It is a terrible decision, but one that should stay with the mother for the first 3 months of pregnancy. After that, I think it's too late for an abortion. Women and girls who consider abortion should be mandated to watch a 5-minute video which would outline various facts to them, including that they may never get pregnant again, and offered adoption services and shared-parenting options.

17. Fossil Fuels: Damaged Sexual Development & Other Adverse Health Effects - Everyone likes to argue over fossil fuels and global warming, but what about all the known harmful health impacts of exposure to fossil fuels? (OurStolenFuture & law.nyu.edu) We need to shift to green energy and heavily insulated (with hemp?) smaller homes.

18. Guns - The police can't be everywhere. So, yes, we must be able to defend ourselves with guns, otherwise we're completely vulnerable to those who have them. However, if you are certified mentally ill, then you should not be able to buy one. Also, it would be good to use a bullet that doesn't contain lead or perchlorate.

19. Law Enforcement - Those who commit crimes should be held accountable by either performing community service or confinement, depending on the crime; but they should NOT be able to buy their way out of it. Big Pharma frequently gets caught maiming and killing their customers, while the FDA and other government regulatory agencies let them get away wit it, or only impose a fine, which is considered by Big Pharma as their cost of doing business.  Both Big Pharma and Big Government crooks should go to jail for the damage they've done. Until that happens, they will continue to be a dangerous menace to society.

20. Conspiracy Theories?  Never dismiss them because many are true. I am convinced that our own government is and was responsible for our endless and illegal wars since World War II, the assassinations of JFK, MLK, RFK and others, as well as 911, the 2008 financial collapse, COVID and the deliberate destruction of our human infrastructure, and more. We are being continually attacked by our own government, which is why we need to create a Sensical Society to mount a sensical response!

21. Sex - Treat yourself and your future with respect. There's nothing free about 'free sex'. It's an open door to unwanted pregnancy, but also STDs (socially transmitted diseases) which could ruin your chances, as a female or male, of ever having children, or invite an ectopic pregnancy.

22. Ending Highway Tolls - We all benefit from our road system, so we should all pay the cost. Besides, toll plazas create traffic jams and excess air pollution.

23. Bells and Smells - Wind chimes and fragrances are an imposition of one person's notion of what sounds and smells good on others. It's rude.

24. The Importance of Beauty & Fun - Some say that the Dark Side / Deep State want to keep the public isolated, depressed, and afraid.  All the more reason to surround ourselves with beauty, friends, and fun. Let's dance!

25. Religion - I believe in God and a divine universal consciousness that we're all a part of. And although I've decided not to join a church, I talk to God and the universe every day, ask for their support, and thank them for their help. Organized religion can play a pivotal role in a community, both good and bad. It's important for church members not to sacrifice their principals at the altar of social acceptance.



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