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Philadelphia, PA

We need to "make sense" if we are to lead happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives. Connecting with each other and nature through 'local self-reliance' is an vital part of reaching that goal.

For too long people across the planet have trusted in authority figures and institutions to advise and guide us, instead of doing our own research, making up our own minds, and being prepared for whatever comes our way. 

The fact is, we've been trained to make money, not sense. Most industrialized societies are dangerously dependent on imports of goods and services, sacrificing their own skills and security in the process.  They have no idea how to survive on their own and don't realize how toxic their lives have become. As a result, people all over the world are sick, isolated, and needlessly stressed.

We want to change that.  Which is why we've launched The Sensical help people make sense for themselves and improve life for everyone else.  For we are The Family of Man. We are all 'connected'.  Trite, but true.  What affects one, affects us all. 

At the Sensical Society we address a wide range of issues, including: personal & societal improvement, local self-reliance, toxic-free living, free speech, and voting integrity. You can work as a group, but you also need to work on yourself.

Start a "My 'Make Sense' Notebook" and begin to organize your life in a way that improves it.  In your Notebook, you can document important information, have fun, and express your wisdom. You can share it with others and/or hand it down within your family.  I'll be publishing 'my notebook' in the very near future so that you can use it as a template, if you wish.  Meanwhile, you can go to my website to see what I get up to, or visit some of my websites listed on the right.

Remember, we’re all a part of The Family of Man, so we all need to do our part to build a Sensical Society for a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life for everyone.

More will be coming soon. Make Sense with The Sensical Society!

Lynn Landes, Founder



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